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Hi there, I’m Max a fanatic football lover or maybe I should say soccer lover since there can be some Americans watching this and there can be some misunderstandings 🙂
Especially English soccer, Premier League. There something magic about that league since I’ve almost been raised with that every SaturdAbout meay. Been some ups and downs of how frequently I’ve been following it, but it has always been there.

Well, more about me

…and why it becomes so “important” to me.
I’m a 48-year-old (young) Suede, teaching youngsters math, without any special soccer experience myself, did some kids soccer but put that carrier beside when I was around ten and focused on my swimming career instead, for 10 years. (stopped when I was 17) I did some soccer comeback at 19 in the lowest of divisions there was. Success? No, I don’t think so, my best game was probably a game where I did half of our goals, the game ended 12-2, unfortunately, we lost 😉

Growing up, Swedish television has covered Premier League (not the name of it then) first on one of only two channels, strange for you youngsters, and during the years under different appearance trough different channels, always with me as an audience. I actually quit swimming for a while because I missed the games.

For a couple of years I have missed out a little, being a family father, but this year me and my two sons, 12 and 18, booked all weekend watching all games showing. One is a ManC fan and one is a Chelsea fan. Myself is a sad QPR fan 😉

I hope you will enjoy my site and share your thoughts with me so we can have nice conversations!


email: max@premierleaguefanatic.com

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