Back On TrackMy site is going to a major change

As I’m starting the site again after 2 years of no work on it, I must do some major changes. In next couple of weeks a lot of things going to happen.Soccer
The weekly will be just the weekly bet and a report on how it went last week.
The souvenir page will change or disappear.
The betting corner will change, probably be just one page together with weekly and I will, of course, make some changes regarding my team, QPR.

I’m a youth soccer coach now

Since I started this site I have to begin to be one of three caches to my son’s soccer team so things I had to learn and help to progress as a coach and things I’ve used for the team will be up for review and discussed.
I gladly get information from others with experience from youth soccer coaching. I’m quite new at this and I will hopefully follow my 12-year-old son for some years. He is a big Man C fan so his dream is to play with them some day 🙂 and who knows I might be a new Sir Max (Alex) at that time 😀
Why my interest for English soccer started, just go to my About page and I will give you a short story.



If you have any suggestions of anything you want to discuss mail me at max@premierleaguefanatic.com  or just leave a comment below.


  1. Hey Max,

    Wow, I bet you’re son is loving the fact that “His Dad is the COACH!” That’s so cool….I would have loved for my dad to be my coach when I was a kid…but he bailed on us when I was only 7 years old….so huge KUDOS to you for sticking in there and being and inspiration and motivation to you boy…and especially for just being a DAD! Just for this reason alone, I say….YOU ROCK!

    Congrats on getting back to work on your website and I’m sure that the added responsibility of being a coach now is only going to help you come up with more great ideas and reviews for your website, that’s awesome!

    Question: So what inspired you to create this website in the first place? Do you have an article link or somewhere I can go to read more about your story?

    All The Best,
    Jeremy David Wilson

    • Hi Jeremy!
      Thanks for leaving a comment and that you like it.

      I’m sorry to hear about your dad.
      I can’t believe how not to be in my sons life, it’s a blessing and to be together at training is a big bonus. I think he appreciate it.

      I hope to experience a lot of things while coaching my son so I can help people out.
      And I will leave a link both here and change the post a little with a link to where I telling some about my Premiere League love.
      About me.

      All the best to you too Jeremy!

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