Betting Corner

Do you wanna bet?

Welcome in to my little betting corner.

I will give you some free premier league football tips every week in  my weekly posts..

I’m not an expert, so my football tips will be just my own opinion and my own bets.

I leave a banner to “my” bookie to the right, if you use another and want me to ad their banner to just make a comment bellow, otherwise I just keep mine.



How about watching a game without any bet?


That’s not possible. You don’t have to go to log in to your bookie or go to your local bookie but it’s a most to make some kind of bet with the ones you’re watching the game. It mustn’t be about cash it can actually be about who has to do the dishing after the game or just for the pride, “who knows best” 🙂

In here I will actually have a discussion, bet you, as often I can before a game, just for fun, and we will see who the best is.

And of course, I will beat you, do you wanna bet on that 😉



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    • Hope you will have plenty of luck 🙂
      I’m not in for roulett myself!
      But I’ve made some “bucks” on soccer at bet365 so hopefully I will have time for my website and give you some nice tips 😉

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