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Premier-LeagueBarclays Premier League! English Premier Football! There’s nothing compared to it.
Just the best league in the world.
Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, well, they have great teams. Maybe champions of champions league even this year. But you can predict the outgoings in there league easily but Premere League football matches can end up anyhow. For football fanatics as me that’s the excitement. Before premiere league started you thought it’s going to be Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal or Chelsea Well now it seems that Tottenham and Leicester have the chance. Also Everton and Crystal Palace give them a good game.


Premier League Weekly Reweivs!


Well in this Premier League blog I will have a lot of Premier League talk about Premier League season 15/16. I will continually write about expectation of the upcoming games and make some reflections of last weekend games. I will probably focus on my own thinking of what’s going to happen. I and my 18 year old son are competing with some Premier League Fantasy teams so it might have some impact of my thoughts 🙂 You can follow it at the weekly page. I’m not an expert just a big fan of English football and have been since the middle of the seventies, a 10 year young boy with football cards that enjoyed Saturday evening games.
Now I’m enjoying several games every weekend with my two kids. One a Chelsea fan and one a Man C fan and me, well a QPR fan (not fun at all) 😉
Just now the site has started again after almost 2 years and I love to get help from you making it lively on the other pages, where I’m going to have my one reflection over weekly games and some betting, if you dare 🙂


So who’s gonna be the Premier League champion?

Well, I think it’s gonna be one of Manchester teams or Arsenal that will get it, but if Leicester can be without injuries they will hang in there and fight it to the end.

One thing that’s going to matter this year, when it probably will be several teams battling for the title, is how well the teams in champions league will do. In the end some of the teams can just focus on winning the Premier League title.

What do you think?

Now and then!


When you look back in time English football was, well, English football. It was fighting spirit, it was hard, and it was a lot of long balls with big defenders. Now English football is international, faster and much more technical. But still there is same English atmosphere on and around the Premier League stadiums. The crowd is very special; unfortunately I haven’t got the privilege to see any game live. I’ve been at Loftus Road on the field but not a game day.
The managers use to be though-minded British gentleman, like Sir Alex. Now you have the best managers from all over Europe.
The players used to be typical Britt’s with short haircuts or hippie like. Now, mostly of them cares about their hairstyle and looks, with typical football tattoos.
But still, Premier League games are fights were the bottom teams will beat the upcoming champions, several time and that’s the big different form the other top European leagues.


Shall we have fun?


I’m really looking forward to make this site build up and hopefully become lively.  I don’t want this to be a place you coming in and just read my content, I want you to be part of the site.

So I  hope you will enjoy my Premiere League soccer site and help me making it better and funnier.
Just make a comment below or in any other page to let me know what you want to change or talk about.



  1. I think it will be Arsenal to win the league- they have Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshire and plenty more – so they now have strength in depth.

    Manchester United have started slow but are steadily getting better, so they may have a good chance!!

    • Thanks for the comment Chris!
      I agree, Arsenal looks pretty good, but they have to rely on Giroud. Without him they haven’t got anyforwards that measure, in my opinion.

  2. Hi Max,
    Isn´t it just stunning that no one thought of Leicester six months ago? Way good for them, I feel. And Louis got sacked at United. This one everybody saw coming! I really loved Louis van Gaal speaking English. Will surely miss that. The man is pondering retirement.
    Word is José Mourinho will be United´s new manager. Would make their play more boring, I fear. On the other hand, I expect Pep Guardiola to change around City´s ways.
    Well, the developments are surely making for an interesting in-between-seasons, don´t you think?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi, Tezsie!

      Thank’s for your comment!

      Yeah, who could predict Leicester as champions!?
      Well, in a “betting” facebookgroup, a friend did put a bet on them early in the season.
      That 10€ bet made him a little bit more than 1,5k ^^

      Van Gaal out. I think he is boring so for me it’s not a big deal.
      Mourinho in. Yes, they will probably be much more boring to watch, but I have a kind of hate-love for him.
      He is so funny to listen to after a game. I think he is kind of a Mr. Bean 😀

      Man C is my son’s team so I hope Pep will bring more out of them.
      It will be an exciting summer.


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