Quickplay Pro Rebounder Review – The Ultimate Training Tool

Product: Quickplay Pro RebounderQuickplay Pro Rebounder
Price:  $449.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com & FREE Shipping
My Rating: 9 out of 10


One thing I’ve learned as a newbie soccer coach is that you have to explore a lot of different training equipment and a lot of different training sets. Most of the things we use in training belongs to the club and we can use them whenever we want at the training camp but to inspire the kids (my son) I have found some things you can use at home so they can practice different skills together in spare time. And the only thing they do is to play FIFA on XBOX and play football. So I found a perfect equipment for my son and his friends.


The Quickplay Pro Rebounder  

Pro Rebounder is a perfect soccer equipment to get training at home. The rebounder gives players the opportunity to work on passing and to get the feeling with the ball both along the ground and in the air. The 2m x 2m large net feels huge and gives players of all levels the opportunity to work with their Technic skills, control, and accuracy in passes and shots. On the ground and volley. They can adjust the angle so they can change it so the ball comes back in different angles. Their Technic skills progress very quickly.


Sure it’s an Expensive Home training equipment, But the Kids will improve a lot

My son and his friends love The Quickplay Rebounder and use it as often they can.
It is built for maximum durability and will work in all weather.
There is also an app coach you can download with some help on how you can develop your technique and your skills with it.
Another downside with the Rebounder, except it’s quite expensive for a home practices equipment is that it’s not so easy to store when you live in an apartment as I do, but what doesn’t you do for your kid 😉


Some facts about the Quickplay Pro Rebounder:

The only Professional rebounder that allows both passes along the ground and in the air.

  • Robust design in high-quality steel.
  • Telescopic tube to adjust the angle of 8-10 different angles.
  • Large face, 2×2 meters.
  • Can be folded into a flat, movable Rebounder.
  • Designed and produced by Quick Play Sport. Tested by the British Standards BS-EN71
  • Package size: 116cm x 86cm x 12cm
  • Dimensions: H200cm x L200cm x D180cm, Weight: 22.2 KG

Conclusion – They have so much fun

It’s a fantastic training kit. My son and his friends have been using this several time a week. They all seems to enjoy it and their technical skills are improving from using it. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to progress their soccer techniques!
If you have any experience or questions, please leave a comment below.


  1. Wow, this Quickplay Pro Rebounder is soooo cool! Yet so simple of a product idea! Whenever I see something like this, I’m always thinking to myself, “Now why didn’t I come up with this product idea or invention?” LOL!

    I can clearly see how this would be great for all ages, whether it’s for a child that wants to play and has nobody to play with and cannot play because there’s nobody there to “rebound” the ball, or whether you’re the type of person that just likes to exercise by yourself via a sport that you love and need that ball returned back and forth to ya, or if you’re the professional player that needs constant practice even when you’re away from the team….This thing would do the job for all the above!

    I actually didn’t even know this existed until I stumbled across your article here, so thank you for bringing this to my attention because I have a nephew that is very big into sports and he doesn’t have any brothers to play with, so I now know what I’m going to get him for Christmas this year (yeah, I’m a little late in my shopping….so shhhh, don’t tell anyone….lol).

    Question: Is Amazon the least expensive place to purchase this equipment, or can I get it for less going straight through the manufacturer?

    All The Best,
    Jeremy David Wilson

    • Hi Jeremy!

      Yes, the Rebounder is a lot of fun and joy. The kids love it so much that I am afraid I have to buy a new one one our season starts again 😀
      I live in Sweden so it’s not so much soccer right now, we have to be indoors playing futsal instead.

      As far as what I have found out, the cheapest place to buy it is at Amazon. But the Swedish Quicklpay site has a Christmas offer right now that is a little lower price but with the shipping … I don’t know.
      Hope your nephew enjoys the Christmas present. And I promise, I want tell anyone 😉

      Thanks for the comment and have a Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. hi max could you tell me if the rebounder will fit through a normal sized back door when folded and also does it come with the netting already on. thanks, sandra

    • Hi Sandra!

      Thanks for asking questions.

      The net is not on when you get it, you have to put the Rebounder together, including the net.
      The Rebounder is not really portable, it quite heavy (60 lbs) so I hope you’re not planing to carry it in every day, but it should be no problem to get it throug your back door.

      Hope you (or your kids) will enjoy the Rebounder 🙂

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