Soccer injuries – taking risks

Today I will talk a little bit about soccer injuries.Soccerball
Or should I say how do we now when a soccer player injured is a true hit on the leg or just practice for trying out in Hollywood?
I just hate these 10 laps rolling around when they probably just could say “aouch” and get up on their feet,
This is such a big problem because they are fooling the referees and also all the people who is actually paying expensive money to watch a game.
Expensive tickets to see (to) well-paid players.
That is not ok. I hope they will come up with some kind of punishment afterwards for that kind of cheating. A punishment that hurts, like 2-3 games suspending and a high fee.
I have seen players breaking there legs and have less pain than somebody who just falls from a small touch!

Another bad thing with it is there’s a lot of kids out there watching it, learning how to cheat. As a youth soccer coach now I see it more often and I do not like it. One of my sons teammates started even to cry after a perfect sliding challenge (tackle) that was so perfect that it hardly hit anything else than the ball. You can’t lay down holding your leg and cry from that. But they have bad role models. My son broke his ankle this summer (it was a foul) and that, of course hurt, but he didn’t rolled around like Neymar after flying dutch fall after hardly not being hit.

Injure – rehabilitation

Because of my sons broken ankle we had to go through some rehabilitation.
An we did get really good help, so later on I will cover up some rehabilitation tips in here.
If you don’t have the same luck us we did I want to help you out. I know there are some great ones.
Even sites that is for kids for preventing for example knee-injuries. But right now I just have Swedish version of them so I will make sure I can pick up some English ones. And I have some DVD-tips but I will get them all together and post them all in the same post.

Here is the Swedish app version. It’ free!

Here is a site in English!

And a pdf in English!

I will, as I said, come up with more later.

Why do coaches gamble – half injured players

Last weekend Arsenal was playing Norwich, a game they needed to win to keep up with the other top-teams.
They have problem with a lot of injuries and is in a battle to stay in the Champions League.
What I don’t understand is that Wenger did start with Alexis Sanchez. He had some problem with a hamstring but said he was ok ( I guess he did) but what is most important, to sacrifice/gamble and let him play a game they should win even without him if they suppose to be a team for the Premiere League title or save him for the important last game in the CL group game?
I thought it was stupid to start with him. What happened? He got injured!
Alexis Sanchez









Now it’s just a fifty-fifty chance he can play next weekends PL game and he will probably miss the CL game!

This is not the first time a coach gambles.
What do they think about?
One game at the time so they do not risk their job?
I think many coaches make a lot bad choices!
What do you think?

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