The Championship – QPR

indexUnfortunately, the best team of them all is not playing in the Premier League. So I just have a place where I can write about them.

Of course, I’m talking about QPR!

Actually, QPR is one of the most popular team in Sweden and that has to be because of them being a pretty good team in the seventies when I grew up with Premier League. I remember how it started for me, buying football cards. For my friends the favorites where ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool etc. but I was amazed of white and blue striped team with the strange name QPR. I actually had no idea what it stand for then but they became my favorites. Even if they never had any big successes I continue to love them. I remember the FA cup final -82 against “the spurs”, defeat in the replay, Les Ferdinand, 5:th place when Premiere League started 91/92. After that, there’s been years with many bad seasons.

Hopefully, they will get up to the Premier League next season again and stay there for years 🙂

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