What I love about Premier League – You never know

Last weekend there was a lot of games, both in the Premier League and in the Championship, with top teams against lower teams.
If that happens in La Liga or Serie A you can easy say the out coming of the game but in the English Leagues you can’t.
That’s the beauty of it. Last weekend Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Birmingham and Burnley for example all failed winning their easy games. But there aren’t any easy ones. That makes it more interesting to watch. The betting more exciting, even if you, as me last weekend loose.

I mean, Barcelona and Madrid, they like always win at home and might loose a point when traveling to another top 6 teams.
Almost the same in Italy. And in Germany and France, well you already now know witch team gonna win the League.
But who is winning the Premier League?
I think Manchester City will take it this year, but it will be a battle with Manchester United and Arsenal.
Leicester? Don’t think they will keep it up the whole season.
Tottenham can get in to the winning race and Liverpool will fight for a Europe League place.
Chelsea should have been up there but this start will make them fighting for an EL-place as well. In the champions league game this week they played their best game this season so they showed what potential they have.

What do you think of the outgoing?
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